Call for papers – « The World Politics of Social Investment » (March 9-10, 2017, Sciences Po, Paris)

Prof. Silja Häusermann (Zurich), Prof. Bruno Palier (Paris), and Dr. Julian Garritzmann (Zurich and Konstanz) are organizing a conference on « The World Politics of Social Investment » at LIEPP, Sciences Po, Paris, on March 9-10, 2017. The call for papers concerns contributions studying the politics of social investment reform in democratic countries in Latin America, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe.

The conference is intended to kick off a larger collaborative research project, so we are particularly interested in contributions by senior and promissing early-career scholars who are interested in contributing to this project not only for the conference but also in the longer term. We want to know how and why social investment agendas and social investment policy reforms vary across democratic countries around the globe. Under what political conditions do social investment agendas and/or reforms develop? We call for papers studying these questions.

You find details on the conference and the project here.