Position Post-doctorale à l’Université de Lorraine en lien avec le projet RIDPA du REIACTIS






L’Université de Lorraine propose un poste post-doctoral (6 mois à mi-temps) en lien avec le Projet RIDPA (Recherche Internationale sur les Droits des Personnes Âgées en situation de pandémie COVID-19) du REIACTIS.

IMPACT Geenage Project within the context of Lorraine Université d’Excellence (LUE) Program is inviting applications for a post-doctoral position (50%, 6 months) to work on the RIDPA Project (International Research on the Rights of Older Persons in a Pandemic context of COVID-19).  This project aims to understand the effects of the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic on the deprivation or restriction of basic rights for the elderly in 18 countries.

Project :

The research analyses the effects of public policies on senior citizen’s fundamental rights by studying more particularly three fields of application:

  • Access to care and health of the elderly (especially emergencies)
  • Freedom of movement with lockdown implementation
  • The right of access to older residents in nursing homes (visits).

In each country, the research will also include content analyses on a corpus composed of articles from daily press and weekly magazines related to human rights of the elderly in a context of pandemics. Semi-directed interviews with stakeholders in gerontology will also be conducted. Beyond the national case studies, cross-sectional analyzes will shed light on the impact of COVID on universal rights of the elderly.

Over 44 researchers from 17 countries in 4 continents (Africa, South and North America, Asia and Europe) will join the RIDPA project.

Objective and organization of the research :

The first goal will be to conduct a scientific literature review in English and French on international databases with regard to the access/restrictions of senior citizens to fundamental rights in the specific context of pandemic (Covid-19). Once the corpus has been set, the objective is to set up a processing protocol (categorization by topics, classification of speakers, occurrences, frequencies, etc.) in order to carry out a thematic and critical analysis.

The second objective will be to test the comparative framework. The case of two countries (France and Russia) will be implemented and will aim to test the tools aimed at comparing public policies and civil society stake holders as well as media related  to the effects of COVID on human rights in both national contexts.

Candidate qualification:

  • PhD in  sociology, economy of health, political science
  • Capacity for abstraction and content analysis
  • Ability to work in a team


These 6 months post-doctoral position on a part time base. It will be based in Metz .

The target start date for the position is February 1st, 2021.

Applicants are requested to submit the following materials:
• A cover letter applying for the position
• Full CV and list of publications
• Academic transcripts (unofficial versions are fine)

Applicants will be interviewed by an ad hoc commission

Applications are only accepted through email to the responsible of the research program: Pr Jean-Philippe Viriot Durandal and Pr Athanase Bénétos : viriot2@univ-lorraine.fr, a.benetos@chru-nancy.fr  with cc to Philippe De Carvalho : philippe.de-carvalho@univ-lorraine.fr, and Catherine Raban : catherine.raban@univ-lorraine.fr  for administrative follow up.

Deadline for application is January 14th, 2021.  

Adresse internet de l’offre : http://lue.univ-lorraine.fr/fr/article/postdoctoral-position-investigation-within-ridpa-project-international-research-rights